Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Int’l Chartered  is an  Internationally Chartered  Entity which is duly incorporated under the Laws of 1704,1776 and 1787 in the United States of America at Office of Sectrectary of  the First State (State of Delaware)  with Chartered File Number: 5698472  to offer International Professional Training Courses and Research  World Wide in all fields  and Official Partner of United Nations Global Compact

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Special Note

This is to announce to the public and the world at large that Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Int’l Chartered has become Official partner with Satra Angkor Institute, The Kingdom of Cambodia to run Degrees World- wide with other Renowned Universities in partnership with Satra Angkor University The Kingdom of Cambodia. We are going to promote its work with our resources for offering the following Degree program, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree and Post Doctoral Degree studies in Arts, Social Sciences, Management Science, Pure and Applied Sciences and Health Sciences through full time, part time World – wide We also offer above named degrees through our international flexible professional program to earn academic degrees in our different professional institutes for working class people.

Our Vision

To be the leading Research Institute to offer training and research in all Fields of Study World-Wide


Our Mission

To provide the best training and cutting edge research that will ensure developmental transformation of individuals, communities, countries and the World at Large.

The Institute researches and develops best practices for the education of struggling students, particularly individuals with learning disabilities and AD/HD. We disseminate our work to educators and other professionals through services such as workshops, regional institutes, institutional needs assessments, and consultations across the World

Our Motto: A Great Innovation in the Modern World of Education

Our Pride: Competence in Theory and Practice

Our Core Values

1. Innovative thinking
4 Corporate social responsibility

Our contact addresses

International Head Office of AIIPTR/ASU for Europe and Latin America,

Office of the Registrar and Secretary General to Board of Directors,

Associate Prof. Dr Terence Mclvor

4482, 6 Slington House, Rankine Road,


United Kingdom.

Official Email of Registrar General:,

Registrar Personal E-mail :

Phone +447732081065

International Head Office at Africa

Republic of Benin

Dr. Daouda Is-haquou

Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research,

International Head Office,

Faculty of Agronomy Building , University of Parakou,

B.P 123 or 02 B.P. 1050 Parakou,

Republic of Benin, West Africa.

Tel: +22997721484, +229 94149789

General enqiry: Official Email:

Official Email:

Official Email:

Official Email:

International Secretariat, and Kumasi AIIPTR/ASU Examination and Training Centre in Ghana:

T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School Building,

P.O. Box 3419 Kumasi Ghana, West Africa.

Mobiles +233208199266, +233264660982

Official Email:

Official Email:

Mr. King Kwame Koomson

International Consultancy Office in Ghana.

Address: P. O. Box 398, Winneba

Central Region, Ghana

Phone: 024 22 8 44 14/ 020 47 66 0 47


Official Email:

Head Office in Asia at India:-

M.H.I Alliance

(A Unit of M.H.I. Healthcare PVT Ltd)

38 – 7, Malvia Nagar,

New Dehli – 11001J, India

Cell No +919999964404

Tel: 91-11-41087441


Official Email:

Republic Of Niger Agent Office :-

Mr. Mahaman Lahabou

Free-lance journalist and translator

P.O.Box : 12864 Niamey/Niger

227 98435672


Gambia Address

157, Kombo Sillah Drive, Talinding, KSMD

P.O.Box 2038 SerreKunda,

The Gambia

00220-439621 fax: 00220-4390623

Official Email:

Official Email:

International Consultancy Office,

Africa Information Technology Consultancy Regd,

A Unit Of Africa International Institute For Professional Training and Research,

A Constituent Of Adam Smith University Of America,France and Liberia,

No. 43 Asubiaro Street Al-jihad International School Building,

Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.



  • Be Chartered with AIIPTR Certificate and earn your Degree in just two years.
  • Holders of AIIPTR Higher Diploma and Post graduate diploma seeking for admission can be admitted in 200l/ 300l in Our Official partner  Universities world-wide.
  • Conversion of HND to B.Sc is Available
  • Conversion of Higher Professional Diploma to Bsc is also Available
  • Travelling Opportunity to our Sister’s Universities World-Wide, Such as America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


5 O level Credit pass in relevant Subjects including English and Mathematics at not more than two sittings. Either with WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, DIPLOMA, NATIONAL DIPLOMA, and HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA to earn academic Degree from Undergraduate up to Post graduate.

Duration of the Programme

  • International Professional Chartered Diploma, Duration: 2years Equivalent to Associate Degree (All Fields)
  • Higher International Professional Chartered Diploma, Duration: 2years Equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree (All Fields).
  • International Professional Chartered Post Graduate Diploma, Duration: 2years Equivalent to Master’s Degree (All Fields).


  • Dual Certificates from AIIPTR both of Academic and Professional Body
  • Chartered Certificate from AIIPTR qualifies the holder’s of such Certificate to track another degree in any of our partner (both public and private) Universities in the Whole-World with little additional Course work.
  • Opportunity to become a Licensed and Chartered fellow in your respective field of learning under the Partnership of International Chartered World Learned Society and AIIPTR.
  • Opportunity to become a Member of our International Professional Partner Institute such as: Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration, Chartered Institute of Leadership and Management and lots more.
  • License as a Chartered professional in your respective field from AIIPTR
  • Chartered Membership Certificate from Official Institute of AIIPTR related to your respective field of Study.
  • Our Students are Automatically Cleared for NYSC for Nigeria Students
  • Apostille, Notarized Authentication and Certificate of Good standing, all from the Government of the United States of America, Making it a legal tender certificate World-Wide both Public and Private.

Mode of Study

All the Courses are Professional courses, in which study pack will be given to registered students from different Professional Institutes to be able to study on their own pace and Examinations shall be carried out World-Wide at the Partner Institute of AIIPTR Offices World-Wide.

About Students Study Packs

It is well explanatory with questions at the end of each Chapter but in case of any complaint, Students shall be given Private tutor, before the commencement of professional examination.

About Courses that involves practical: Students shall be assigned to various teaching Hospitals, Factories, Laboratories, research institutions etc to carry out their necessary practical.

School of Arts

Geoffrey Chaucer International Institute of English Language and Literature (Chartered)

Muhammadiyyah International Institute of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies (Chartered)
Jesus of Nazareth International Institute for Christian Studies (Chartered)
Geoffrey Chaucer International Institute of English Language and Literature (Chartered)
Saint Louis International Institute of French (Chartered)
Hugo Grotius International Institute of Legal Studies (Chartered)
George Gerbner International Institute of Mass Communication (Chartered)
Joseph Haydn International Institute of Music (Chartered)
Aristotle Plato International Institute of Philosophy (Chartered)
David Garrick International Institute of Theater Arts (Chartered)
Oduduwa International Institute of Yoruba Language and Culture (Chartered)

School of Social Sciences

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Institute of International Relations and Conflict Resolution (Chartered)
James Marwick International Institute of Accounting (Chartered)
Luca Pacioli International Institute of Banking and Finance (Chartered)
Frederick Taylor International Institute of Business Administration (Chartered)
Richard Cantillon International Institute of Economist (Chartered)
Peter Drucker International Institute of marketing (Chartered)
Niccolò Machiavelli International Institute of Political Science (Chartered)
Barbara Frees International Institute of Public Administration (Chartered)
George Marshall International Institute for Security Studies (Chartered)
Auguste Comte International Institute of Sociology (Chartered)

School of Applied Sciences

Girolamo Cardano International Institute of Mathematic(Chartered)
Mohammad Abdus Salam International Institute of Physics (Chartered)
Ed Roberts International Institute of Computer Engineering (Chartered)
Alan Turing International Institute of Computer Science (Chartered)
School of Engineering
George Davis International Institute of Chemical Engineering (Chartered)
Thomas Telford International Institute of Civil Engineering (Chartered)
Michael Faraday International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Chartered)
James Watt International Institute of Mechanical Engineering (Chartered)

School of Sciences

Charles Darwin International Institute of Plant and Animals Science (Chartered)
Raffaele Garofalo International Institute of Criminology and Penology (Chartered)
Herophilos International Institute of Anatomy (Chartered)
Erasistratus International Institute of Animal Science (Chartered)
Jābir ibn Hayyān International Institute of Chemistry (Chartered)
William Osler International Institute of Community Health (Chartered)
Louis Pasteur International Institute of Health Sciences (Chartered)
Ferdinand Cohn International Institute of Micro-Biology (Chartered)
James Hutton International Institute of Geology (Chartered)
Thomas Bodley International Institute of Library and Information Science (Chartered)
Florence Nightingale International Institute of Nursing (Chartered)
Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā International Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research(Chartered)

Gordon MacLeod International Institute of Public Health(Chartered)
Hippocrates International Institute of Veterinary Science (Chartered)
Sewall Wright International Institute of Institute of Zoology (Chartered)
William Armson International Institute of Building Surveyors (Chartered)
Thomas Cook International Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (Chartered)
Alexander Hamilton International Institute of Treasury Management (Chartered)
Thomas Jefferson International Institute of Secretarial Studies (Chartered)

Sushruta Samhita International Institute of Emergency and Trauma Technology (Chartered)

Al-Zahrawi International Institute for physician and surgeon (Chartered)

Horace Mann Institute of International Education:

Samuel Armstrong School of Vocational and Technical Education Studies (Chartered)

William Thompson School of Art and Social Studies Education (Chartered)

Peter Drucker School of Business Education (Chartered)

Samuel  Kirk School of Special Education (Chartered)

William Whewell School of Science Education (Chartered)

Avram  Chomsky School of  Languages (Chartered)

Ahmed  Deedat Institute of Comparative Religion Education( Chartered)


All the courses are professional courses, in which study pack will be given to registered students from different professional institutes to be able to study on their own at their own convenient time and examinations shall be carried out across of the African Countries, at the Centre of Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Office.

About students study pack, it is well explanatory with questions at the end of each chapter but in case of any complaint, students shall be given private tutor, before the commencement of professional examination.

About courses that involve practical, students shall be assigned to various teaching hospitals, factories, hotels, laboratories, research institutions etc to carry out their necessary practical.

There is an opportunity for those who are interested to study abroad in the following continents Asia,Europe, Latin America and Africa as Part Time or Full Time Student


Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research A constituent Institute of Adam Smith University of America and an official Institute of West Coast University Central America and official partner International Academic for Science and Research is an acclaimed international recognized university particularly within Commonwealth of Nations, which was accredited in Liberia and holds a charter in Liberia issued by vote of National Legislators, Federal Republic of Liberia, a member of United Nations.
In United States of America, Adam Smith University of America also holds a charter from the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, U.S.A and is authorized under its charter to offer courses and degrees in the U.S.A. The University also holds a charter in Republic of France under the name of Ecole – Supriuere-Uneversitaire – ‘Adam Smith’ which is authorized to offer degree under French law. The French recognition will help students to get recognition in Europe and Commonwealth Countries.

The organization of American States, Young Americas Business Trusts as designated the representation of Adam Smith University of America in Latin America as an affiliate for the mission of the Promotion of Adam Smith University of America. Adam Smith University of America is recognized by Associations Internationale des Educateurs Pour La Pais Modiale, a consultative organization to UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU, OIEC.

Adam Smith University of America is recognized by the following International educative organizations
• Arts; European Academy (Belgium)
• Universal Movement of Artists (Geneva, Switzerland)
• The Cultural department of the International Association of Educators for World Peace. (Int’l NGO in consultation with UNESCO, UNICEF, UNO).
• The Romanian Council of the Arts’ European Academy (Bucharest):
• Adam Smith University of America is currently fully accredited by International Academy of Science of Republic of San Marino in Europe as no 16th international recognized university.


Notarized, Authentication & Apostilled by the government of United States of America and Academic Degree from USA is one of the most valued degrees across the Globe. It is a perfect recognition of student intelligence and hardwork done by the graduate or post graduate level when student successfully complete his/her degree course for four years (maximum of 5years) His/Her awarded with America degree after graduation, student can get their degree certificates and transcripts from Adam Smith University of America notarized, authenticated and apostilled (certificated) by the government of United States of America through notarization in District of Columbia at Washington Court where Certificates are issued and have them authenticated by DC Secretary of the State where Certificates are executed and apostilled (certificated) with covering letter from United States of American, Secretary of the State as a country of origin of the Certificate.

The final step is to obtain the seal of Foreign Embassy or Consulate in the United State of America where Graduate Student originated, so that it will be recognized and very useful for the student across the Globe by the virtue of bilateral agreement between America and the world at large. You can consult our international representative in your country for more information on this.

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