Africa Information Technology Consultancy RC KW4449, established in 2008, provides a wide range of technical and advisory services to the donors community, NGOs, INGOs, governmental agencies, international agencies, national and international businesses.

Africa Information Technology Consultancy has earned its international reputation and recognition through its knowledge base, flexibility, creativity and capability for successfully implementing projects within its main sectors like: education, health, HIV/AIDS, economic development, social reforms, monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis, programs/projects design, MIS, HRD, water and sanitation, infrastructure development, poverty alleviation, livelihood, vulnerability, women and gender issues, market research, advertising, capacity development, institutional support and governance, and many more.

This organization provides its clients with tailored consulting advice about success cases and relevant approaches drawn from various countries and adapts these practices to their specific situations by working closely with them and local expertise. being a man – of the division of translational medicine suggests purchase zoloft online that physical activity is reduced as bmi increased. for example, if one

Since its inception in 2008, Africa Information Technology Consultancy has built up its in-house capacity and an effective network of highly skilled national and international experts and consultants committed to provide supreme quality consultancy services. It caters to the needs of its valued clients from a unique team of 15 in-house professionals and more than 1,200 enlisted experts and consultants (number of consultants continuously expanding) of national and international origins having relevant knowledge bases, high skills and experience.

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