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According to Wikipedia:

Adam Smith University is an unaccredited[1] private distance learninguniversity founded in 1991 by Donald Grunewald, who is still its president.[2] Grunewald, a onetime president of Mercy College, was reported in 2004 to be a business professor at Iona College.[3] The university espouses the principle of independence from state control, believing that such control prevents it from furthering its mission.[2]

The reply to this is:


Adam Smith University is an acclaimed international recognized university particularly within Commonwealth of Nations which its International Corporation Offices situated in Saipan, M P, United States of America. Which was founded by International Recognized Educator, Professor  Donald Grunewald that was reported  to be a Professor of Business since September 1986 – generic baclofen identification buy generic baclofen baclofen autism spectrum disorder generic form of baclofen buy baclofen online australia average cost of Present (25 years 9 months) The university espouses the principle of International  independence as Non Government University,

Degrees are conferred from a Charter issued in the United States of America by the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands or from Liberia or the British Virgin Islands if a student prefers one of these jurisdictions. which was fully accredited in Liberia and holds a charter in Liberia issued by vote of National Legislators, Federal Republic of Liberia, a member of United Nations.

Adam Smith University maintains non-traditional University System in the World by Means of Transfer Credits from Various Accredited Institutions Across Globe,  In France, Adam Smith University is an association designated by the French National Ministry of Education as a private institution of Higher Education by correspondence under the Law of 12 July 1875 and under the Decree of 25 January 1876 to offer higher education to national and international students. Adam Smith University is recognised by the Association Internationale des Educateurs la paix Mondiale, a consultative organisation to UNESCO. Adam Smith University is a member of the United Nations Association of the USA and the generic zoloft ineffective zoloft get high off zoloft online Business Council for the United Nations.


Adam Smith University is a member of the World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce. Adam Smith University is an institutional member of the International Union of Economists (IUE). IUE is a member of the Union of Technical Associations and Organisations of UNESCO (UATI), a member of the United Nations among non-governmental organisations and is in General Consultative Status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations. Detailed information about IUE can be found at Adam Smith University academic awards are recognised by Design, Technology and Management Society International (DTMSI) in the Republic of South Africa. Adam Smith University has satisfied the academic and cultural standard as required by the International Advisory Board of Recognised Universities of the Academy of the Republic of San Marino and has been awarded Full Accredited Membership by the Academy. More information about Adam Smith University can be found on the official Web-site of the University:


Adam Smith University of America is an acclaimed international recognized university particularly within Commonwealth of Nations, which was accredited in Liberia and holds a charter in Liberia issued by vote of National Legislators, Federal Republic of Liberia, a member of United Nations.

In United States of America, Adam Smith University of America also holds a charter from the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, U.S.A and is authorized under its charter to offer courses and degrees in the U.S.A. The University also holds a charter in Republic of France under the name of Ecole – Supriuere-Uneversitaire – ‘Adam Smith’ which is authorized to offer degree under French law. The French recognition will help students to get recognition in Europe and Commonwealth Countries.

The organization of American States, Young Americas Business Trusts as designated the representation of Adam Smith University of America in Latin America as an affiliate for the mission of the Promotion of  Adam Smith University of America. Adam Smith University of America is recognized by Associations Internationale des Educateurs Pour La Pais Modiale, a consultative organization to UNESCO, UNICEF, ECOSOC/ONU, OIEC.

Adam Smith University of America is recognized by the following International educative organizations

  • Arts; European Academy (Belgium)
  • Universal Movement of Artists (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • The Cultural department of the International Association of Educators for World Peace. (Int’l NGO in consultation with UNESCO, UNICEF, UNO).
  • The Romanian Council of the Arts’ European Academy (Bucharest): Adam Smith University of America is currently fully accredited by International Academy of Science of Republic of San Marino in Europe as no 16th international recognized university.

Adam Smith University award some of this credits from Transfer as Listed below

Transfer of Credit

–    Transfer of HND to B.SC

–     Transfer of MBA to M.Sc –

–       Transfer of M.Sc with levitra buy levitra, buy levitra online – online drug store, cheap prices!. no addition course work to obtain PhD. Adam Smith University awards most of its credit for work take at accredited institutions. Some colleges and employer may accept your credit for degrees for Adam Smith University of America. Each employer and each education institutions are free to make its own decision as to which degree and credit is accepted.

Often required that some or all academic work be completed in residence at institutions accredited by recognized accredited agencies in any country. It will help student to get their credit or degree accepted by any employer.

On account to this Adam Smith University is International Standard University that recognized Credits and works experience from Various Institutions this statement clear that Adam Smith University from erroneous order online at usa pharmacy! buy dapoxetine usa . online drugstore, priligy generic dapoxetine 60mg. or inaccurate information somebody may post on the internet somebody to say is Degree Mill because of our transfer of Credits from Accredited Various Institutions across Globe.

I wish to conclude my statement by the Information that is on the Official Website of Adam Smith University as I said it from first paragraph

According to this link on wikipeadia website itself the Accreditation of Adam Smith University is valid but some just talk without genuine evidences to dispute Adam Smith University

Please beware of inappropriate INFORMATIONS!!!