•    To plan on a International basis a progressive education training scheme and to impart through training both practical and theoretical a thorough knowledge of every phase of Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management.
•    To set a high standard of knowledge and practice so that the status of the Industry may be raised and catering popularized by offering attractive and progressive careers.
•    To develop a scientific attitude to management techniques and skills.
•    To train craftsmen for the Hotel & Catering Industry with a view to develop high standards of skills and to raise crafts to levels of technology.
•    To inculcate habits of courtesy, discipline and hard work in the trainees and pride in the efficient accomplishment of tasks entrusted to them.
•    To impart an understanding of human nature so that the manpower can be directed to the best advantage for the Industry.
•    To stimulate and inspire the trainee managers so that they develop an all round personality and treat learning as a ‘growth process’, see industry in a wider perspective and accept opportunities of jobs in the field as a thrilling experience calling for resourcefulness, initiative and creative work.
•    To impart by example and education devotion to Duty, Honesty, Integrity, Dignity of Labor and a willingness to serve others happily and cheerfully.
•    To  act as clearing house for exchanging ideas and information, to help the students establish habits of seeking knowledge as well as keeping abreast with the latest development in the field by extensive use of the library, attending seminars, discussion groups, etc.
•    To maintain a close liaison between teachers and students so that each student is given a full chance for development and growth.
•    To inculcate a team spirit in work and play and to understand the benefits that accrue.
•    To  develop an appreciation of foods and of their significant role in the Hotel & Catering Industry; to formulate new recipes and to standardize accepted ones and bring about a gastronomic integration.
•    To develop an understanding that food is the means by which good nutrition can be achieved.
•    To develop a sense of responsibility for the improvement of Nutrition on a National level.
•    To  help change food habits to correct the deficiency in diets in India by Nutrition education and introduction of nutritious and tasty dishes.
•    To lift high the standards of Hygiene and Sanitation in the Industry so that the smallest to the biggest hotel or food service can provide clean surroundings and clean food to all customers.

Other activities:

•    Institute undertakes consultancy for Industrial Canteens, Railways, Catering, Food Industries etc.
•    Develops software for various hotel related applications and student learning activities.
•    Undertakes outdoor catering for Government functions and other important functions as well as deputes the students to luxury hotels on request for special arrangements.
•    Training of Hotel staff is another important activity.
•    Food festivals and Expos relating to Hotel and allied fields are conducted.
•    COMPETITIONS: The Students of the institute participate in National level and city level competitions in different spheres of Hotel Management. The Institute also conducts/hosts such competitions from time to time, to encourage creativity among students.

Different Competitions:
Vegetable Carving
Flower Arrangement
Uniform Designing

Chef’s Court:
A multi cuisine restaurant for the public by the students.

Courses Offered
Course     Duration     Intake Programme in Hospitality & Hotel Administration    Two years     30
B.Sc. Programme in Hospitality & Hotel Administration
Three years    180
Post Graduate Diploma in Accommodation Operations & Management
One & half years    30
Craftsmanship Course in Food Production
One & half years    60
Craftsmanship Course in Food & Beverage Service
Six months    30
Various coures offered under MoTs scheme of CBSP are fully funded by Some Govt of Africa.    –    –

B.Sc. Programme in Hospitality & Hotel Administration


Successful completion of 10+2 examination or it’s equivalent. Candidates who are appearing in qualifying examination at the time of entrance are also eligible to apply provisionally subject to the condition that they should produce the proof of passing the qualifying examination at the time of admission. The candidates selected provisionally will not be allowed to join/continue in case they fail in 10+2 examination.
Age: 22 years for General category & 25 years for SC/ST category.

Mode of Selection

The admission is through a common joint entrance examination conducted by The National Council, followed by centralised counselling for allotment of Institute.

Admission Notification

It is issued during February/March in Employment News & other major newspapers.


omprises of four core subjects: Food Production; Food & Beverage Service; Accommodation Operation; Front Office and other ancilliary subjects: Accounting; Communication; Hotel Maintenance; Nutrition; Food Science; Computers; Law; Marketing Management; Prinicples of Management; Financial Management; Facility Planning; Business Policy; Managerial Economics and Project Work.

During the second year all the students get an industrial exposure for a period of 20 weeks in top hotels in the country

Post Graduate Diploma in Accommodation Operations & Management


Graduate Boys & Girls in any stream from a recognised university.
Age: 25 years for General category & 28 years for SC/ST category.

Mode of Selection

Admissions are done by the Institute itself as per the norms of the Council, based on the qualifying marks and interview marks.

Admission Notification

Comes out during May/June in local newspapers.


Front Office; Accommodation Operations; Accommodation Management; Interior Decoration; Hotel Engineering; Hotel Accounts; Supervisory Management; Application of Computers.

Industrial release training for SIX months in star hotels.

Craftmanship course in Food Production and Food & Beverage Service:


S.S.C or it’s equivalent with English as one of the subjects in the final of the school examination.
Age: 22 years for General category & 25 years for SC/ST category.

Mode of Selection

Admissions are done by the Institute itself as per the norms of the Council, based on the qualifying marks and interview marks.

Admission Notification

Comes out during May/June in local newspapers.

Subjects for Food Production:
Cookery; Larder; Bakery & Patisserie; Costing; Hygiene; Equipment Maintenance

Industrial release training for 20 weeks in star hotels.

Subjects for Food & Beverage Service :
Food Service; Beverage Service; Pantry Operation

Industrial release training for ONE month in star hotels.



There is opportunity for student that has International Diploma, Higher  International Diploma and International Post Graduate Diploma from our Professional Institutes to go for Academic Programs in following Countries :- Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Kenya, Republic of Benin etc for further degree study without any additional tuition fee but the student will be responsible for his/her transport, examination fee and accommodation. As well apply to those who apply post graduate programs such as master degree and doctoral degree that they can have degree by research and academic degree in post graduate study.

Degree by research is a degree being obtain as a result of research taken by the student in prove of the certificate that will be awarded to the student. Furthermore self designed concentration are also estradiol level 79 ethynil estradiol y levonorgestrel cheapest place to buy estrace cream online estradiol 899. 0 5 generic for cream 01 generic estradiol patch  available, that student can prove their innovations in area of their research at any time at any where. Degree by research is a perfect recognition of student intelligence and hard-work done by graduate and post graduate level by AIIPTR/ASU.

Student can get their degree research certificate and transcript with other necessary information that suppose to accomplish their certificate by AIIPTR/ASU.


University Academic degree Programs is walmart price for prednisone walmart price for prednisone order prednisone the academic work completed in residence institution accredited by AIIPTR/ASU or transfer of credit from other institutions across the globe to award degree directly from Adam Smith University.

Academic and Professional Programmes:-

We are offered both Academic and Professional Courses by Following: University Academic Degrees such as Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctoral Degree, Post Doctoral Degree , Institute Degrees by Research ,such as Associate Degree by research, Bachelor Degree by research, Master Degree by research, Doctoral Degree by research, Post Doctoral Degree by research(Academic and Professional  , International Higher Diplomas(Academic and Professional), , Post Graduate Courses that lead to awarding academic and Professional Degrees, International Diplomas (Academic and Professional),International  Certificates (Academic and Professional)as well different Professional  Membership categories such as Fellowship, Full Membership, Associate member, Corporate Institutional  member, Graduate /Mature Candidate member ,Student Member  of our various institutes

 Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research Classes of Membership

Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research has five classes of membership and they are Fellows, Members, Licentiates, Associates and Graduate Members.

Fellows, Members and Licentiates are corporate members of Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research    . Members of   Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research   are elected or transferred to various classes of membership based on their qualification and experience as specified by the Council.

A practising Professional in their alas, fluoxetine no prescription from uk was only a step! the fifteen looked so wretched when they saw them. as soon as the night closed in they re-embarked. acquire fucidin area of their course of studies   seeking admission to the class of Fellows, should meet conditions set for the class of Members as well as fifteen years of professional experience, of which at least five years should include responsible charge of important of professional in their area of studies such accounting, Computer Science, geological operations, or function as a consultant or advisor in the branches of their course of studies.

Admission into the class of Members requires practising of their areas of studies to be at least 21 years of age, with a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in that particular 29 nov 2013 … good pharmaceutical online service. buy cialis. american internet drugstores. area such as geology recognized  by the African Government, as well as three years of professional experience in a branch of  course of studies .

Admission to the class of Licentiates requires applicants to be at least 21 years of age, posses at least a Diploma in course of studies such as account, geology or equivalent qualification, five years experience in a branch of their courses and pass membership examinations provided by Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research or other external examinations recognized by the Council.

A candidate for election into the class of Associate Member shall be a person who has a diploma or degree in any professional discipline other than their area of studies.

He/or She has demonstrated a keen interest in their of courses  and has worked in projects or areas which required input by that particular subject such Biologist, Computer Scientist, geologists.

Graduate Members should have a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in their courses that recognized by the African Government or equivalent qualification.


This category of Membership is reserved for corporate entries and Institutions in specialized and relevant area that wish to be identified with the noble course of the Institute by having the capacity of buy cheap viagra online without prescription in uk. lowest price and best creating an idea oriented forum for the benefit of the \institute ‘s is members and employees.

Corporate Institutional bodies are entities to use the abbreviation CMAIIPTR after their organization names.


Fresh graduate in relevant and related disciplines are eligible for membership admission under this category. An individual with modest academic qualification(s) with long period of pratical on –the—job experience of not less than (10) years is also eligible to apply for Graduate Membership of the Institute. To qualify for Associate Membership, the holder of a Graduate membership is mandatorily required to sit for two papers in professional Examination II and the whole papers in professional examination III of the Institute. Holders or awardees are entitled to use the abbreviation GAIIPTR after their names.


For studentship admission, candidate must possess following:-

(1)   5 O level Credit passes including English and Mathematics from any recognized examination bodies.

(2)   Good Credit or passes at OND or HND level of any field

(3)   First or Second Degree =s of any Accredited University.

(4)   Professional certificate, Diplomas and any other recognized certificates by the different Councils.